The Essence Of Companionship

God created Man (Adam) and noticed he felt alone/incomplete/disoriented/inappropriate emotionally and spiritually because no suitability or deeper connection with other living things as He desired him to feel connected.

Bible never declared that Adam complained to God about being Alone but this reveals how deeply our Heavenly Father knew our deepest desires more than anyone could imagine.

God created many other living things for Adam to name, manage and supervise as his official job yet he felt unsuitably related among them all as it should means Marriage is more than just find testing many partners to find one to come together as Husband and Wife out of desperation but common suitability of emotions and spiritual connectivity.

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Genesis 2:18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

God knew what He is going to do by creating a being from Adam’s bone parts not animal parts (ribs that do supports) as original material to create Eve that’s suitable to think, reason, meditate, understand, virtualize, creative, encouraging, connecting, radiating, mind-blowing, appreciative, progressive, productive and suitably synonymous to Adam in most things because they must be able to unite or fused to be One as Maritally intended by God without much interference.

There are many relationship delays presently among many marriageable singles because most had been separated and disconnected from their source in God, thereby unfruitful from within to be worthy to connect rightly in relationship as God had originally designed them to be helper that’s suitable for their right partner in marriage.

John 15:4 Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

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This also confirmed the reason why many separations and divorces in today’s Christian Marriage as AGAINST God’s original intention. Many so called Christian had cut off or disconnected themselves from their source in God, but depend on their intelligence, affinity, wealth and human wisdom to redesign their mentality to find marital helper that’s suitable for themselves in marriage, only to regret that such Marital connection is not as suitable as expected.

Marriage is instituted by God for deeper companionship as it’s suitable for personal level of understanding in spiritual, social, Physical and Emotional matters which makes suitability more sensitively beyond human comprehension to succeed alone without God’s wisdom of suitability of purpose that’s applied in relationship and Marriage.

Being intelligent, beautiful, wise with good understanding is highly necessary but not enough if not rooted or renewed through Scriptural guidance in patience, endurance, Faithfulness, joyful, peace, forgiveness, long-suffering, confidence and trust in God as core values to manage another human in relationship without chaos, tension and confusion.

Therefore, it’s essentially important for all that desire peaceful coexistence in relationship and Marriage to understand that no man or woman have all that it takes in human wisdom to boldly achieve marital success because it’s entirely suitability of two spirits that must be united or fused into One which makes leading of the HOLY SPIRIT to be only source that can make such indescribable spirit-fusion to work without regret.
I have also find out that, there is no other way out to be helper that’s suitable in my Marriage than to Trust and obey His leading though inconvenient for the flesh but possible to abide, if we’re really desperate for peaceful Marriage.

In case, you knew that your life and present relationship needs the wisdom of God to manage ongoing marital crisis or storm that’s you’re passing through, then rededicate your life back to Jesus, confess your guilt today because it takes two to tangle in marriage without casting any blame, open up your pains and hurts to Jesus for His comfort that’s more real beyond what your partner can offer bcos no one can have Successful marital story alone yet labouring for love without appreciation.

Call on Jesus now within your heart to give you a new heart that desire to please Him more in everything and ready to be a better person that follows His ways through the scriptures and Godly Counseling to stay in faith.

I pray that all minds that desired to be suitable helper in thoughts and in actions in their relationship to be reconnected back to our source in Christ our saviour, for unspeakable peace and joy to reign in our marriage in Jesus mighty name. Amen


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