Premaritals Tips: Do These Things Before You Say I Do!

Trying to figure out ways to establish a proper marriage foundation before it kicks off? Try these tips to help you prepare for your marriage lifestyle after you say I do.

First, attend a premarital education class or premarital counseling. Ninety percent of married couples who attended premarital educational classes BEFORE marriage found it to be helpful down the road. Worthwhile classes will teach you communication skills and conflict management tools, along with addressing the things to expects.

Find a marriage mentor or a mentor couple. Seek out an experienced professional marriage mentor or an older, more experienced, happily married couple to provide wisdom and support to you as you begin your adventure together.

Start thinking “We” instead of “Me.” Marriage is a partnership between a man and a woman. It will serve you well to remember you are on the same team. Make time to pursue activities together and explore common interests as a couple.

Discuss your expectations for marriage. What are your goals for your marriage? How will you decide who does what around the house? Who will manage the money? Discuss your goals to help ensure a successful and happy marriage. Unrealistic and unmet expectations often lead to resentment.

Be committed. Since commitment is a choice, believing in the permanence of your marriage will actually help your relationship as you prepare for marriage, and over the long haul.

Talk about money. Save yourselves a lot of future headaches by discussing your spending habits and spending plans and goals. Always spend less than you make, save a little for a rainy day, and try to avoid debt.

Talk about children. Will you have children? If so, how many children would you like to have? When would you like to have kids? Will both of you work or will one of you stay home and take care of your children?

How will work/friends/family/social activities affect your marriage? Also, discuss boundaries for your marriage.


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