LandWey unveils $142 million Isimi Lagos 2030 masterplan, begins infrastructural development

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The $142 million LandWey debut Infrastructure construction started under the Isimi Lagos 2030 program.

With an estimated population of over 14 million people, Lagos is currently one of Africa’s most populous cities. According to a working paper just released by the Global Cities Institute at the University of Toronto, Lagos is expected to surpass New York as the largest city in the world by the year 20100 if it continues to develop at its current rate.

There will be unique difficulties in becoming the global urban epicenter. Lagos is already dealing with a number of issues, such as a housing and infrastructure shortage. To put things in perspective, a recent Nairametrics research found that Lagos hasn’t been able to meet as much as 50% of its formal housing needs. Half of the city’s population currently lives in various types of informal settlements. And this is in spite of growing activity in the real estate sector, which makes a sizable contribution to the GDP of the country.

Based on the aforementioned, it is obvious that quick action is required to construct more residential properties throughout Lagos. Private equity and top real estate firm Landwey Investment in Nigeria is aware of this. For this reason, it has committed $142 million to the construction of a sizable, luxurious housing building designed especially for wealthy people. The undertaking is known as Isimi Lagos.

Having been present at the symposium held at LandWey’s event in Lagos to unveil the project’s 2030 master plan. And the scale and vision behind it totally fascinated us.

The new project, according to the business, would be located on 305 acres of land and a number of locations on the Lekki Lagoon’s northern shore.

The CEO of Oxygen Holdings, the parent company of Landwey Investments, stated during the unveiling ceremony that the goal is to make Isimi Lagos Nigeria’s first wellness & lifestyle city. In other words, the project will offer environmentally friendly housing options to Nigerians, helping to address the housing shortage in the city in a sustainable manner. Already, more and more Lagosians are enrolling in the project.

“The primary contractor has approved the first phase of infrastructure developments, and work is about to get under way. About 250 people currently have a stake in the Isimi Lagos project’s potential, and we are quite eager to get things going. We’re hoping that the project’s early stage would allow us to start allocating reserved seats before the second quarter of 2023, said the Group CEO.

The Yoruba word “isimi” denotes “relaxation or mental serenity.” The name was deliberately picked by the management of LandWey Investment because it perfectly describes the expertise that Isimi Lagos represents.

In order to promote economic growth, provide modern energy services to the entire population, and manage the long-term employment loss in the oil sector that will follow from global decarbonization, Nigeria’s energy transition plans incorporate the nature-inspired Isimi model.

Origin One, The Village, Green Life Colony, and The Emergence are recent additions to the cluster options. They all provide both work and living spaces with high-speed internet and uninterruptible power to increase resident productivity, as well as an eco-friendly transportation system that includes hybrid electric vehicles and bicycles, which are ideal for an active lifestyle.


The Isimi Lagos project will establish a conservation park, golf course, recreational centre, tech valley, helipad, forestry, farm shop, spa, hiking paths, gym facilities, and a standard polo turf with a stable that houses some of the best horses in the world, providing a cutting-edge riding experience. In addition to offering a more sustainable lifestyle option, it will also provide employment.

Isimi Lagos offers a wide range of possibilities for eco-friendly living, family-friendly activities, and a distinctive and profitable real estate investment opportunity. Land parcels starting at 300 square metres are currently on the market for N200,000 per SQM.

About LandWey

Landwey Investment provides comprehensive residential and commercial real estate services. Our services include everything from site sourcing and investment advisory through development and building. 2016 saw its incorporation, and since then, it has grown to rank among the leading real estate firms in Nigeria.

We have built 14 residential estates along the Lekki-Epe expressway between the 2nd Toll Gate and Bogije axis in our unwavering effort to provide high quality, affordable homes to the people of Lagos.

About Isimi Lagos

Isimi is a Yoruba term for relaxation or tranquillity. Because it most accurately describes the sensation that Isimi Lagos represents, this name was deliberately chosen. Your finest option for both work and play is Isimi Lagos. It is the ideal fusion of technology, architecture, and nature, yet it goes without saying that nature rules this place.

To preserve Isimi Lagos’ natural nature, the topography will be substantially preserved. The existing geological structure will be surrounded by structures like buildings, roads, and other infrastructure. For both short- and long-term use, Isimi Lagos provides employment and housing areas.

Isimi Lagos is a great option if you’re searching for a location for your upcoming holiday, a company or team retreat, or just someplace you can go to embrace nature and get some well-deserved relaxation.