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Join Now Before We Reach Our Limit Intake For The Year!
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Meet Rosalynda Igwe

Am a USA Certified Relationship and Marriage Coach and also an Online Marketing and Sales Consultant.

I do Relationship Hook Up for interested Premaritals who wants to get into a marital relationships with someone they are attracted to and compatible with.

I give them some vital resources to help them discover their personality traits, find lasting love and build healthy marital relationships.

Also, I teach both Premaritals and Young married Couples how to fix and rekindle relationships, biblical principles for building a successful marriage, how to build a healthy and sustainable marriage and more.

They fix their conflicts, navigate through their issues and move to a higher level of their relationships using my proven Hook Marriage Back skill.

Also, I teach Entrepreneurs How To Become A Certified Relationship and Marriage Coach and how to turn their new knowledge into a Profitable Relationship and Marriage Coaching Business.

Finally, my team and I help Coaches and Entrepreneurs to Build Their Profitable Relationship and Marriage Coaching Business from Scratch Up, launch it and setup their advertising system that attracts high-paying clients from the internet without being physically present.

So they can make more money 💸 selling their knowledge, grow their income and enjoy freedom to higher levels without being physically present.

As a growing Online Marketing & Sales Consultant, I’ve helped over 1,000+ Entrepreneurs and business owners to setup, build successful coaching businesses and their online businesses that enables them to work from wherever they are in the world and make profit.

I’ve been able to restore relationships through my guide and use my funnel and marketing skills to setup my clients’ websites, funnels, add their courses, setup their sales CRM Pipelines and more.

"Why Create A Relationship & Marriage Profitable Coaching Business?"

Because you need to monetize your knowledge and earn for the duty you rendered.

You need to be motivated and rewarded for based on the valued you’re offering to humanity.

Plus there’s a difference between free training and paid training. 

You can give free training but your paid training will help you take care of your personal needs and meet other peoples’ needs.

When you have a Relationship and Marriage Coaching Business, you can help a lot of struggling relationships without being physically present to help.

We will help you set up your high and low ticket coaching business to be able to help your targeted clients from anywhere across the globe without being physically present with them.

You’ll able to priortize and manage your time, live a flexible lifestyle and have your vacations with your loved ones, wake up to receive your alerts.

Not having clashing appointments with your High Ticket clients who will be willing to pay you more for service rendered even before you start.

And with a Profitable Relationship and Marriage Coaching Business, you can generate the instant consistent income you can pump back into your social media advertising.

So if you’re looking to finally leave your job and create an online Relationship and Marriage Coaching business that allows you to travel anywhere in the world and still make money, then this challenge is for you.

When I started my Relationship and Coaching business online, I was a total newbie and had not made any money online.

However, I had knowledge that I wanted to package properly and share with the world online.

So I created aRelationship and Marriage Caoching Program and sold it to thousands of people. I was blown away by the response and sales that poured in.

I scaled to coaching people how to become a Profitable Relationship and Marriage so they can start helping others and making more money for themselves online.

Yet I scaled up again helping them to create their own Relationship and Marriage Coaching Business in a more affordable prize compared to what other online course creators charge out there.

Their knowledge they acquired is never a waste, we help them to turn their golden knowledge into a profitable coaching progra, they help others too and make more money.

Their passion pays off as they do what they love – restoring Relationships and Marriages and earn more income to show for it.

Everything is automated, so they don’t have to worry setting up their system because my team and I are here to help work with our clients from the beginning to the end.

Guess what?

I had people saying, I love your Profitable Relationship and Marriage Coaching Business Accelerators’ program, can we pay you more to work with you personally.

From then on, we sold high ticket coaching programs from $3000 all the way to $15,000 to people all over the world.

We were able to achieve all we’ve done so far using the power of Funnel system, marketing and advertising solutions to setup their framework and attract clients that can pay you in a higher capacity to work with them in restoring their Relationships and Marriages online.

Though, Irrespective of the coaching niche you’re in, our Profitable Coaching Business setup works. We are willing to work with you to set yours up no matter your location.



Create your own online coaching business and start coaching others without you being physically present at all times, become a goto expert in the relationship and marriage field
Write your relationship success stories and online coaching content that will make your audience beg you to sell your course to them
Launch your coaching business using a sales funnel system that helps you sell your online coaching program and earn more and more money
Create your coaching program and decide on course platform you want to host your content
Discover your niche, research and map out your coaching content
Design your slides, record and upload your video content into your academy
Design your Course Mockup Images and Workbooks on Canva
Create your sales and marketing funnel system that will help you sell online and earn money over and over
Setup your automated system and campaigns and write your marketing emails
Write your relationship success stories and online coaching content that will make your audience beg you to sell your coaching program to them
Here's What You'll Get:
  •   A Two Hour Coaching Session with my team and I, to select your coaching topic

  • A 7 Day Group / Private Session, where we’ll help you to flesh out the content of your online coaching program
  • A 14 Day Video Shoot, where you will record your video lessons of your produced contents (Max of 15)
  • We will edit your video lessons (Max of 15)
  • We will design your workbooks
  • We will design your Coaching Graphics
  • We will set up your online academy
  • We will upload all your videos and workbooks to your online school
  • We will set up your coaching program for sale
  • We will give you unlimited access to Hook Marriage Back Academy
  • We will create a self hosted website for your academy if you don’t have a website
  • We will design an online onboarding program for your students so that they don’t feel lost when they pay for your coaching program
  • We will create your sales and marketing funnel and setup up your campaigns with automations 
We will create your facebook Ads and setup your facebook Ads Manager
We will map out your Ad Strategy and write your Ad copy for generating leads
We will write your Ad copy and setup your retargeting Ads
You will create your Ad content and record your Ad Videos
We will create your Ad images and setup your custom conversion
We will setup your campaigns Ads and facebook business manager and launch your Ads
We will create your messenger chatbot that turns clients into sales
One session One hour. This enables you to ask your questions when you joined the academy.
Valued: $30,000...Yours free
You'll get a lifetime access to our academy and you can always visit to learn anytime. We will constantly update our academy with more coaching tools to widen your knowledge and experience in the marriage field.
Valued: $10,000...Yours free
Valued: $30,000...Yours free
Here's What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying
One of the greatest gifts that Rosalynda has is her unique ability to discern the source of your marriage problem and provide you with the exact solution you require to solve those problems. This is a great program with a business concept that had put a lot of money in my bank through my online coaching and consulting program.
Zinny, Abuja-Nigeria
Rosalynda, I must say that your program laid a great foundation and the knowledge needed for me to begin my coaching journey. Thank you for taking your time to build my coaching business.
EZE, Lagos, NG

Applying the Hook Marriage Back strategies into our marriage changed our lives and we started helping many other couples. Not just that, we’ve created our automated marriage coaching business and have started earning money.

Thank you Rosalynda and your great iconic team members.

              Richie & Sarah, PH-Nigeria

See you inside soonest!